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I offer One-On-One Sessions (Scroll down for more info) or join the FIFO Love community and become a member:

 My online W.I.W Club. Coming Soon

Who is this for…

Women whose relationships are separated by work, who are worried that the stress of being separated is damaging their relationship. If this is for you, you are feeling lost and frustrated and will be worried that you are losing your connection with your partner. You will be noticing the lack of connection is impacting in your intimate life, with a loss of the fun and romance that you once loved. Your communication with your partner will be becoming more difficult and FIFO itself is becoming hard work.

Why would you need this…

To stop feeling isolated and alone inside your relationship. If you are worried about your relationship, the loss of fun in your life and closeness with your partner then this workshop will help you re-ignite the love and connection that is so important in a relationship. If FIFO is here to stay but no longer fun, then this workshop will help you harness the FIFO lifestyle to strengthen, not weaken your relationship.

What it will do…

You will feel fabulous, empowered and in love with your life again, while you learn how to bring back the fun and strengthen the connection with your partner. You will learn how to use FIFO in a way that will support your future relationship not just your financial future. You will learn how to feel happy now, not at some future time, and build a new and fabulous relationship with your FIFO partner. You will know how to keep the intimacy, passion and fun alive and make FIFO a cheeky fun part of your relationship no matter if your partner is home or not.

What actually happens…

This online community is for women who are ready to feel fabulous, empowered and in love with their life while they learn to create a fun, loving, intimate FIFO relationship filled with passion, excitement and spontaneity, the one they actually want!

The W.I.W Club Membership will help you to:

Stop feeling stressed, stuck or on hold waiting for your partner to go or return so you can live your life and fulfil your dreams.
Feel fabulous, empowered and in love with your life while you learn how to bring back the fun and strengthen the connection with your partner.
Communicate your wants and needs powerfully, no more miscommunication or feeling as if you’re not being heard.
Become a bold leader in your love story and learn how to confidently step into that role regardless of whether your partner is home or not.
Keep desire and passion alive not just on Fly-in day Learn how to go from dirty dishes to dirty dancing with a flick of a switch.

Take A Sneak Peek At What’s Included:

 Step by step workshop’s with downloadable templates available 24/7 so you can learn at your own pace in your own time.
 Special Lovework (not homework) – fun and sometimes cheeky action steps to re-connect and move your relationship forward.
 Monthly Live Communication Workshops, recorded for anytime access.
 Access to the Love Library filled will gorgeous printables that will bring back the cheeky love in your relationship.
 Access to exclusive ideas, tips and exercises to bring couples closer together.
 Member’s Only Discounts to Events, Workshops, Programs and One-on-One Coaching support you in your FIFO journey.
 Access to a private (members only) Q&A Facebook group for 24/7 support.
 And fresh, exclusive and unique member content added regularly!

This W.I.W Club will give you the tools to:

 Strengthen the foundations of your relationship by building on what you already have and then make it unbreakable.
 Understand how men and woman communicate and learn powerful relationship tools so that your communication is fantastic from here on in – and you will be pleasantly surprised by where your conversion with take you both!
 Identify what is making you feel stuck, lost and alone and bring back the pleasure, passion, joy and fun in your life and relationship!
 Discover the Art of Intimacy and Romance – a fun mating game you can play as lovers when apart or together. Learn powerful tools which will heighten romantic and sensual experiences with your partner.
 Flick the Switch on Sex by learning the playful steps in the love-making process that need to happen long before you hit the sheets.

The W.I.W Club Membership offers thousands of dollars worth of workshops, program, coaching, templates and printable’s!

I would love to help you discover – and implement! – ways to amp up your love life, so if you are feeling a tingle of excitement about what’s possible and ready to become one of FIFO Love’s Members click below to join the VIP waitlist or if you want to know more call me now 0401 325 395.

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Reignite the Passion Course

In this course, I will send you my best shortcut steps to reignite your relationship and bring cheekiness back into your experience as a FIFO woman.  I’m excited to give you this new, course, where you start your transformation in the comfort of your own home. If you’re a FIFO partner experiencing any of the issues I mentioned and want some cheeky inspiration and practical tools to help your FIFO relationship.

It’s Fun, and it’s jam-packed with inspiring playfulness and smart strategies for you to feel cheeky and empowered in reigniting the spark in your FIFO relationship.

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Looking for more personalised support?         

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One-on-One Coaching Program

Who is this for…

This program is for women in a relationship who feel disconnected from their partner. If this is for you, you will be committed to strengthening your intimate connection and creating more fun and love in your life. You may already be trying to make changes in your relationship, but you are not really happy with your progress. You are likely feeling lost and frustrated with the way your relationship is going and fed up with experiencing a lack of intimacy, fun and that, essential, romance.

Why would you need this…

You have lost the closeness with your partner, and your relationship is no longer fun. If you feel isolated, frustrated and disconnected, this program is for you and wants a clear direction and confidential, unbiased support to strengthen your loving relationship. Let’s face it, this kind of thing can be too hard to do on your own, but relying on your girlfriends for support doesn’t always work out and can damage those all-important relationships. These sessions offer you an unbiased, supportive place to talk about anything without fear of judgement or later reprisal.

What it will do…

Working with me will help you discover and remove old patterns that no longer work for you and your relationship. It will help you to discover a new fun, loving, intimate relationship filled with passion, excitement and spontaneity, the one you are actually wanting. These sessions enable you to rediscover your fun, cheeky side and feel confident and sexy to re-ignite the intimacy and happiness in your relationship. You will experience more confidence and create a satisfying and happier life.

What actually happens…

This program offers a personalised, life-changing experience. These 6 one-on-one sessions will take up to 1.5 hours and works with your challenges in real-time. In our first session, we discuss your unique needs and identify the specific challenges that you are committed to transforming right now. Working one to one means that each issue is personally addressed, and each action can be monitored and tweaked to enable you to create the relationship you really want.

You don’t have to share everything with me; however, I’ll create a safe space where you can share whatever you like without judgement. Everything is kept completely confidential and never shared.

I’ll develop a customised program to guide you towards your specific goals and fit your lifestyle. Each session, you will receive activities and exercises, relationship tools, how-to tips and weekly Love-work… Yes, fun and sometimes playful homework that you can do by yourself or together!

You’ll have access to me via email between our sessions for support, guidance, and feedback. Together, we’ll work through any resistance or blockages that arise. By the end of your 6 sessions, you will feel more confident in your relationship, creating a cheekier experience in your daily life and a more satisfying intimate relationship. Both you and your partner will love your new sense of adventure!

How do I know if this is right for me?

Great question; as it is a personalised program, it won’t suit everyone. But, if it sounds like something that will help you to re-ignite your relationship, then I offer a Love Strategy Session, a chat to see if we are a fit. Simply click the button below or call me on 0401 325 395 to organise a time to chat.

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