Welcome to my world of love, happiness and a little bit of cheekiness

I’m Pamela Crane, Love and Romance Coach and founder of FIFO Love.

My FIFO Journey

I began my FIFO journey back in 2005. Even though my family has a history in mining, I was totally unprepared for the issues a FIFO lifestyle presents. These issues, which I now know are common, slowly impacted my relationship and my life.

I found myself feeling stuck, alone, resentful, tired and fed up with not having any quality time together. I often feared not being strong enough and seldom felt really confident, loved or appreciated enough.

Going through these emotions ignited a personal journey. I was looking for ways to reignite my fading flirtatious cheeky self and have a fun-loving, passionate, healthy relationship again, whether we were together or apart.

My journey led me to study human sexuality, love, intimacy, romance, relationships and more. It has taught me how to create new possibilities and transform my relationship at the deepest level of love. I worked hard to rediscover my cheeky self-confidence and reignite the spark in my relationship. With over two decades of marriage and three children, I feel sexier, happier and more confident than ever before. The passion and communication in my marriage continue to evolve and grow in ways I could never have imagined.

While my FIFO life can often be trying and chaotic, there is something deep within me that is calm, centred and excited, knowing that I’m continually rediscovering myself and igniting the spark in my marriage. I have created a luscious life and built a stronger bond with my partner, so now the physical distance is a strength, not an obstacle.

My Background

For 10 years, as the Founder of Cheeky Angel, I dedicated my life to supporting women in boosting their sexy self-confidence and having a more satisfying love life with their partner. During this time, I have mentored women (and a few men) in redefining their life, relationship and mindset so they, too, can have a really fulfilling love life.

I’ve held hundreds of private ultimate goddess parties with housewives and working women who were longing for information on how to transform and heal the lack of intimacy and fulfilment in their lives.

To support them, I studied innovative, cutting-edge education in sexuality, love, intimacy, romance and relationships and completed several personal development, leadership and mentoring programs.

A few years ago, I decided to focus on the FIFO community as I realised that the problems I experienced in FIFO were actually not my own but were universal in the FIFO community. While my training was helpful, it had to be applied in a totally unique way, so I created the FIFO Love Support System. It took some time and effort, but the excellent news for you is… it worked! I did not think my FIFO journey would bring me here in my wildest dreams, but I’m super excited that it did.

I now stay updated on current FIFO issues and all areas regarding sexuality, love and relationships, as this allows me to support my clients. At the same time, I dedicate myself to creating and nurturing a communicative, cheeky marriage.

When I started this FIFO journey a decade ago, there was no real support for FIFO relationships or families… No one understood the FIFO lifestyle and the toll it can have on a relationship. Now there is more recognition, and I love connecting with supporters of our unique community; you can find them all on my resource page.

My Qualifications

Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors: Currently working towards a Diploma in Counselling.

Loveology University: Certification in working with couples to rekindle passion, intimacy, and communication and to empower sexuality to improve the quality of their relationship.

Love Coach Academy: Trained in Compassionate Connections, Communication, and Relationships. Managing one’s emotions and communication when triggered to be able to enjoy more love and affection to create & maintain great relationships.

Relationship Development: Completed the Relationship Development 101 program. Trained in breakthroughs and create your unshakable love and unleashed passion!

Landmark World Wide: Completed the Curriculum For Living Program, which includes personal development in the areas of self-expression, commitment, integrity, breakthroughs and living passionately.

The Mind Aware: Completed the Train Your Brain program, which includes understanding why your brain is the most powerful asset we have, training exercises to make changes in life effortlessly and understanding the power of both the conscious and unconscious mind.

Currently working to become a Brain Trainer at the Train Your Brain University, which includes learning the latest in brain techniques to shape the inner world of thoughts, beliefs and emotions to be able to take intentional action.

Volunteer as a Local Area Leader for FIFO Families. Hosted many events allowing local FIFO families to connect up and meet with other FIFO families in the area.


The beautiful part of my journey is…

I am still living the FIFO life, and now I have the pleasure of working with hundreds of women. Today, I show couples the “how-to steps” of breaking the cycle of struggle and creating their own fun-loving, passionate relationship.

Time together in a FIFO/DIDO relationship is GOLD. It so precious and rare! I hate the idea of couples taking years to learn this or having their relationship breakdown while trying to work it out. I love being able to support women and their partners to build a love life that makes them feel fulfilled, fired up and alive. And I love that they don’t have to waste time trying to get someone to understand the FIFO Lifestyle as I did.

Here is just a little of what my clients say:
“Yes, I’d recommend it!! Beware though, what could result! We both listed sex life as the main missing, and more quality time with each other as the other area. Sooo, your questionnaire was both a beaut conversation starter AND quality time together, Pam … AND our future is looking way more fun for sex too – yeehaa! That might just give us a perfect score. So you have a bit to answer for, Missy Pam. Value!” Chris from Queensland.

My mission and passion are simple… Empowering women in boosting their cheeky self-confidence and showing couples my easy-proven system, “How-To Steps For A Fun-Loving, Passionate Healthy Relationship” in a FIFO or DIDO relationship. Click here to learn more about my services.

I truly believe as long as there is love and a willingness, anything IS Possible.

Love is a Journey… so, let’s make it fun!