Hello again gorgeous,

I know first-hand how crazy a FIFO life can be as a wife, and that gets even more complicated when you are a mother as well. Trying to keep the household running and playing the role of both parents while your partner is away is exhausting. Your once flirtatious spark has become a distant memory as your days are filled with the boring daily FIFO routine and the endless responsibilities of running a household solo. The only highlight is fly-in day, then his downtime kicks in, and you are left feeling frustrated, the next thing you know, he’s packing his bags, and the whole routine starts again!!!

And you’re left wondering where the fun, loving relationship we used to have vanished to.

That’s where I come in, gorgeous…

I work with women who are fed up with this routine – they want their fun-loving relationship back. They want to be able to enjoy the FIFO lifestyle and love their life regardless of whether he is home or not.

They are looking to:

Easily cope with the responsibilities of home and family and wake up loving life again regardless of whether he is home or not.
 Understand and breeze through their partner’s ups and downs and really enjoy their time with their partner while he is home or away.
Feel really connected with their partner once again and have fun back in their relationship.
Feel fabulous and in control whether their partner is home or away.

My clients are successful if they:

are ready to leave the dirty dishes for dirty dancing.
want to feel in love and connected once again.
are ready to stop feeling overwhelmed and are ready to take action.

Working with me is a little different because we’re not working from a counselling perspective, what we are doing is working on the nitty gritty of the relationship and building up the connection – because that’s the stuff that is really important.

And you know what… it’s fun! No sadness about bringing up the past stuff. Working with me, we quickly identify what isn’t working, remove it and replace it with fun stuff that works for you and your partner, creating the fun-loving relationship you are wanting.

My clients are totally, ready to put on their dancing shoes and step into their best relationship ever!

If this sounds like you then read on to find out more about the services I offer or click here to get in contact with me for a chat.

The W.I.W Club – Coming Soon

This online community is for women who are ready to feel fabulous, empowered and in love with their life while they learn to create a fun, loving, intimate FIFO relationship filled with passion, excitement and spontaneity, the one they actually want! Coaching calls to delve into how to make it fit into each individual situation and includes a Facebook Group page to connect, share and support each other in the journey.

BE one of the first by joining our VIP Wait List – click here to learn more or contact me directly for more info.

One-on-One Coaching Program

This personalised program will help you to learn how to connect and recreate the deep loving connection you desire.  We work with your challenges in real time. I will be working with you to develop new habits, ways of being, thought processes and actions that will help you to recreate your relationship into something amazing.

If this is sounding like you, click here for more info or contact me now for a strategy session where we determine what is going on and if this program will help you to make the changes, you are looking for.

Here is just a little of what my clients say:

“Hi Pam I just wanted to thank you very much for all of your help and for going above and beyond for me including the counselling sessions! You were right, Everything worked out. Thank you again Pam. Its good to see there are good people doing great things out there and I wish you well with your business and in life. Many thanks. Amy 🙂 ” – from Brisbane Queensland

“Working with Pam I quickly realised that motherhood had taken over who I was. I was no longer me and feeling stuck in my daily routine. Now I’ve got my self-confidence back and my life is fun. My relationship has come alive again and my partner is loving it.” Karen – Mother of 2

“Through working with Pam has definitely helped me to communicate better with my husband. I’ve learned how to ask for what I want directly without beating around the bush!” Sue from Queensland

“My marriage was being neglected and needed to be revived. Not just for my husband but for me! Pam has a way of listening deeply, while gently guiding you through the issues. Now we have a loving connection which is such a fun part of marriage.”  Kerrie – Mother of 3 from Brisbane