Recipe for Romance

Do you feel like FIFO has taken the romance out of your Valentine’s?

I get it gorgeous you are so busy with holding the family together while your partner works long hours away. And by the time you can catch up on a call you both are so tried you feel like there no time for romance or plan a unique Valentine’s Day once together.

However, here at FIFO Love, we believe you can celebrate Valentine’s Day throughout February if you want to. Although I understand entirely being apart on a romantic day like Valentines is tough.

So before you think about crawling into bed, pulling the covers over your head because your partner is not home. I have some fun romance ways for you to experience the love this Valentine’s Day, whether you are together or apart.

Cheeky Tip 1
Together: Spread whipped cream or even better chocolate syrup on selected body parts and invite your lover to enjoy dessert. 🍫

Apart: 💝 For those whos lover are away, send them a text telling them how you just found this excellent recipe, and you want to try it when they get home and share the recipe with them. 😍

Cheeky Tip 2
Give yourself a little self-love this valentine by using Fragrance to boost your self-confidence and feel sexy 🌷

It only takes 2 seconds to spray a little of your favourite perfume. <3 You can do it after you brushed your teeth or hair. Don’t save it for that special occasion as we all know in this FIFO lifestyle those days are far and few.

The scent is such an incredible part of our lives. We often forgot how powerful the sense of smell could be when it comes to sexual attraction. It’s not just an essential part of attracting your partner; it’s necessary for seducing yourself! 😍

Remember a scent can trigger specific memories of a person, place or time. If there was a sexual buzz surrounding the way you experienced an aroma, you could revisit that self-confidence boosting mojo again just as powerfully as smelling it again.👃

So start spraying some sweet sense my sassy sister and give your self-confidence mojo a boost! 💋

Cheeky Tip 3
Host Valentine’s day catch up with friends.
I get that valentine’s day is meant as a romance day shared with your lover, but when your alone it’s nice to share it with friends. Another FIFO sister who will be alone this Valentine and I organised a fun lunch this week for Valentine. It was fun, and we ever surprised each other with a small gift.

Cheeky Tip 4
Send your lover a Valentines Day Care Package.
As February is the month of love, it’s never too late to send your partner care package. Decorate the inside with shades of red, pink and include hearts, cupids, and arrows. Fill the box with items that connect with fun memories you two share, Valentine’s letters or cards, sweets and handmade paper flowers or hearts.

It can be easy for the pain of being apart to get you down during these special days. Just remember your love for each other is not only celebrated on one day. You have a choice in how you create and celebrate each other, regardless of this FIFO lifestyle.