FIFO Relationship Support Group For Women

The FIFO Relationship Support group aims to provide a safe, supportive platform for women only who are in a relationship where their partner works away. This is a place to encourage and support each other to take those tiny steps in keeping the love alive in our FIFO relationship and make this FIFO journey a little more enjoyable. Click here to learn more.

Want to Re-awaken Your FIFO Relationship?

If you answered yes, pop over to my Work With Me page to find out more about how we could work together.

If you’ve had enough and are ready for someone who understands the lifestyle you live and have someone there to listen to you – register for a Love Strategy Session with me. Simply fill out the form at the top of the page or give me a call 0401 325 395 and I will be in touch.

Fun Ways To Say Connected

Keeping the spark alive in a relationship can be tough at the best of time, but even harder when you and your partner are hundreds or thousands of miles apart. Strengthen your connection with our products all design to support your relationship. Click here to learn more.

Take the How Happy is your Relationship? Quiz

The physical distance can make it that little harder at times causing problems that can prevent you from really feeling happy. So with this in mind I have put together 30 questions especially designed for couples who are in long distance relationships, so you can check in and see how happy and healthy your relationship is.

Take the How Happy is Your Relationship Quiz today.