7 Step to Reignite the Passion

It’s time to break free of the FIFO Routine…

Get Inspired and Rediscover the Cheeky YOU!

You can create a more Passionate Connection with yourself and Your Partner…

And I’ll Show You How…

We all know the pain of separation, over time distance creates the uneasy feeling of disconnection, loneliness and often feeling unloved. With this in mind, I created a powerful but easy to use system to support you with your FIFO relationship, as I understand being FIFO, our time with our partners is valuable.

In this 7 step e-course,

You will receive my best shortcuts to reigniting your relationship and bring cheekiness back into your experience as a FIFO woman.

Get powerful actionable exercises to make your daily routine more inspired and passionate.

Learn how to create and maintain a passionate relationship with your partner while apart.

Discover how to turn up your W0W factor and fully embrace your Cheeky side.

Finally, put the spark and romance back into your life and your relationship.

By following these 7 easy steps, you will begin to notice the powerful shifts that start to happen in your life and relationship.

To give you some background, when I first become a FIFO wife and mother, I experienced my own FIFO struggles. Lost romance, intimacy, mummy frustration and times of isolation, resentment and loneliness disconnected me from my partner. Being the founder of Cheeky Angel a luxurious adult boutique, which supports women in boosting their cheeky self-confidence – I couldn’t stay in the un-cheeky zone for long! So I had to work on my confidence, re-learn techniques and tools to support me in having the biggest breakthroughs so that I have an amazing relationship even when apart.

This whole experience inspired me to create FIFO Love – personalised coaching and live workshops designed to support FIFO women to rediscover their cheeky self and reignite the spark in their relationship.

Now, I’m excited to give you this new,  7 step e-course, where you start your transformation in the comfort of your own home.

If you’re a FIFO partner who is experiencing any of the issues I mentioned and you want some cheeky inspiration and practical tools to help your FIFO relationship Sign up Today.

 It’s Fun and it’s jam-packed with inspiring playfulness and smart strategies for you to feel cheeky and empowered in reigniting the spark in your FIFO relationship.

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