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Relationships are not a test that you either pass or fail. It is an ongoing process of learning about each other so that both parties can feel satisfied and be happily in love every day. The differences between a regular relationship (together every day) and FIFO relationship (one works away from the home) is FIFO relationship experience special challenges because of the distance. The physical distance can makes it that little bit harder at times coursing problems that can prevent you from really feeling happy and is keeping those wonderful in love feeling alive on a daily basic.

So with this in mind I have put together theses 30 questions specially designed for couples who are in a long distance relationships, so you can check in and see how happy and healthy your relationship is.

You could use this as a conversation starter to further your connect with each other.

This questionnaire is designed to give you a quick look at the health of your relationship. Simply answer each questions with a Yes or No, the key is to go with your first answer, what feels Right for you Right Now, don’t over think it.

I hope you find these questions revealing and remember I’m here, so feel free to give me a call or email me if you like to know more.

Keep Smiling
Pamela Crane 

How Happy is your relationship

Select “Yes” or “No” for how you are feeling Right Now

I regularly give verbal affection to my partner.
My partner loves me more now than when we first met.
I frequently touch and kiss my partner affectionately.
I feel my partner listens respectfully, even when we disagree.
My partner and I flirt with each other regularly.
I find my partner sexually attractive.
I feel emotionally close to my partner.
I am satisfied with our sex life my partner and I have
My partner makes me feel sexy.
I can communicate effectively with my partner.
My partner courts me sexually.
I court my partner sexually.
My partner and I have regularly date nights.
I can share my deep personal information with my partner.
My partner appreciates the things I do in our relationship.
My partner does little things that let me know that I am cared for.
I love the little things my partner does that let me know I am cared for.
We express love and admiration for each other daily in a way that feels wonderful.
I love to give my partner regular physical pleasure.
My partner and I still have our tender and passionate moments together.
When we are apart, I often think lovingly of my partner.
I get excited just seeing my partner.
My partner and I are still very physically affectionate towards each other.
We have intimate and stimulating conversations with each other.
My partner and I are playful and enjoy laughing together.
At the end of the day my partner is happy to see or hear from me.
Our time together is always quality time.
My partner and I trust each other. Jealously is not a problem in our relationship.
There is fire and passion in our relationship.
Even when my partner is hard to deal with, I remain committed to our relationship.

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