How to get your partner to open up to you

Having great communication is one of the most important skills a couple can have and plays a key part in having a strong loving relationship.

It’s common for one person in a relationship withdraws during the conflict, which will increase the frustration and loneliness of the other partner. When you add the separation of FIFO to a relationship, working through a common issue can become harder for the couples. Often leaving them feeling like everything is on hold and/or living in hope that the next time they are together will be better.

If the couple continues this style of communication it will turn into an unhealthy pattern. Which will eventually, lead to one or both giving up on trying to keep the connection alive. When this happens the couple will have a very serious problem. Because relationships fail when people stop believing that their partner can be who they want or need them to be.

In this video, I’ll share 3 tips on how to get your withdrawn partner to open up.

Sometimes, no matter how gentle you are with your partner, they will still shut down, avoid and defend. I often see this happen when the negative cycle of FIFO creeps in and takes over the relationship.

When couples continue to live in hope that the next time will be better or avoid dealing with problems this will keep the negative, hurtful patterns alive. And if a couple waits too long to get help this can destroy their trust in each other and their commitment to the relationship.

Support is available if you are experiencing difficulty in communicating with your partner. I created the FIFO Relationship Resource Hub as an online community is for women who are ready to feel fabulous, empowered and in love with their life. They learn how to create a fun, loving, intimate FIFO relationship filled with passion, excitement and spontaneity, the one they actual want! With live coaching calls to delve into how to make it fit into each individual situation and includes a Facebook Group page to connect, share and support each other in the journey. Like to Take A Sneak Peek At What’s Included – click here to learn more.

If you are looking for one on one support I offer personalised coaching to help you to learn how to connect and recreate the deep loving connection you desire. We work with your challenges in real time. I will be working with you to develop new habits, ways of being, thought processes and actions that will help you to recreate your relationship into something amazing. If this is sounding like you please contact me directly for more info.