Is your relationship shutting down and you don’t know what to do?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by the endless responsibilities of running the household or playing both parents?
  • Feeling lost or angry with your partner’s moodiness when he’s home and then feel guilty about it?
  • Feel stuck and alone because the communication is becoming hard!
  • Feel on hold waiting for him to come home or to go back to work so you can get on with life?
  • Feeling disconnected from your partner and just hoping that next stint home will be better?

FIFO was meant to improve your future however you are finding yourself questioning the future it was meant to create.

All you are wanting is to feel connected all the time not just on fly in day. To be able to talk about everything and anything with your partner, knowing they are listening and that you are both on the same page in your relationship. You want to feel in control of your life and not on hold waiting for him to come home or return to work. And he just wants to come home and fit back into the family like he used to. You both just want to feel in love and happy again.

You are not alone, FIFO is hard. When a couple chooses to start a FIFO lifestyle often they don’t have any experience or understanding of what a FIFO relationship really entails and it can be a huge shock. The constant coming together and leaving creates specific challenges in the relationship that can be difficult for anyone to manage.

If you are separated by work, you know time itself is totally different in a FIFO/DIDO relationship and the normal ways of a relationship just does not work.

Understanding the emotional stress and how to support each other is important. Knowing how to communicate clearly, how to listen to each other and how to keep the relationship alive and fun. You need to understand the new rhythm of your FIFO relationship, it’s all about the timing! You must have a strong belief in yourself and the relationship and you need to know how to feel in charge no matter if he is home or not. And you need to find support from someone who understands these issues.

I’m Pamela Crane, a Couples Coach, Relationship Mentor and founder of FIFO Love. I am a mother of 3, married for over 28+ years with over a decade of experience as a FIFO wife. Experiencing the ups and downs of my journey and then helping others experience the same things inspired me to create FIFO Love – personalised coaching and live workshops designed to support FIFO couples to learn how to stay connected and loving in even the most challenging FIFO/DIDO relationship.

Are you ready to

 Rediscover Your Cheeky Self  Reconnect with Your Partner  Reignite the Spark in Your FIFO Relationship

It’s Time To Re-awaken Your Relationship Today!

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    FIFO Relationship Resource Hub

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  • Want to Re-awaken Your FIFO Relationship?

    Want to Re-awaken Your FIFO Relationship?

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